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Burgess Rebond Playground Safety Matting systems have provided innovative yet practical solutions for your safety matting needs for over 30 years. Our research, backed by independent testing, offers a wide range of robust, non- slip, easy to clean and low maintenance options for safe and attractive high activity play areas.

The popular Wetpour playground system is a seamless application that puts more product on the ground per m² than any other company which makes this quality system a long term cost effective solution while still meeting safety standards.

Custom made solutions to fit your design that are manufactured right here in New Zealand include:

Modular rubber matting rolls that easily cover large areas and can be self-installed.

Impact matting designed to provide a permanent cost effective solution to eliminate scuff zone maintenance in play areas like under swings and slides usually found on grass or bark play areas.

Rubber Tiles made in one metre squares are easily installed, cost effective and are suitable for laying over various bases like concrete, asphalt or other stable bases.

Other ideas for suitable applications are boat matting, sound proofing in recording studios and impact absorbent aerobics flooring tiles. Non-slip solutions for gyms, weight rooms, changing rooms, clubhouses and cricket wickets runs.

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