Hoofbond Footbath

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Hoofbond mattress & tray footbath unit for NZ dairy farms.

Footbaths are the ideal solution to limit lameness, help prevent hoof rot, protect against heel erosion and promote resistance to bacterial infection.

The HOOFBOND Footbath mattress & tray unit consists of a self supporting blue tray 2150 x 960 x 58mm NZ made from recyclable polyethylene. UV resistant, this strong, tough and reliable tray will never rust or rot.

The HOOFBOND mattress is made from 100% recycled rubber and is highly durable. It is specially designed to be porous which helps to prevent excessive splashing. Once charged with approximately 45-50 litres of solution it then permeates through the surface soaking the hoof in the liquid. While disinfecting it is also hardening the horn and toughens the skin in the vital areas. This drying effect makes the hooves less susceptible to bacterial infection. The high friction of the rubber surface helps to spread the toes which allows superior penetration of the fluid into the inner surfaces of each cleat. This movement acts as a highly effective preventative where possible bacteria can inflame the soft tissues.

The easy wash down surface minimises contamination of the solution, so it stays concentrated for longer and reduces the frequency of the recharge, which helps to keep down the overall cost.

The best solution for protecting your valuable stock from preventable pain and discomfort. It’s simple and it works!

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