Hammerblow Rubber Matting

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Hammerblow is a very durable and long lasting solution to providing an impervious surface with great slip resistance and comfort for both horse matting and cow matting solutions. The small bevel on the top surface allows your animal to achieve a better purchase on the mat.

In cow sheds this versatile matting can be used on rotary platforms and in herringbone sheds, ideal for non slip matting in entry/exit areas. it will reduce the noise levels making stock calmer during milking. It’s anti fatigue properties make Hammerblow ideal for standoff areas and wintering pads.

Hammerblow matting is ideal for horse float floor mats and horse truck floor mats giving the horses comfort and sure footing during transport and reducing road noise. This easy to clean matting will reduce bedding required in horse stalls and stables. The hard wearing matting makes wash down areas and boxes easy to hose out. Hammerblow has anti fatigue properties, is impact absorbent and is easy to clean.

Available in rolls 25m x 2m x 10mm, 15m x 2m x 16mm and 15m x 1.5m x 20mm. Hammerblow is sold by the lineal metre for self installation or call the team to discuss our installation services.

The matting can be loose laid or permanently fixed. Fixing anchors are available. Call today to speak to one of our friendly sales team.