Ring Mats

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Ring mats have a specially designed anti slip construction with large cylindrical holes and the underside is constructed with a pincushion effect that allows spills to pass through and quickly away from the mat promoting safe, dry traction.

You can use ring mats:

  • On the farm and in cow sheds
  • Dog kennels
  • Ute decks
  • Kitchens
  • Restaurants & Bars,
  • Hospitals, Laboratories and  Food Processing facilities
  • Bakeries and Butchers,
  • Workstations, Packing Plants & Sheds
  •  Service Stations.

For playground use the mats can be laid and the grass will still grow through the holes in the mats.

The anti fatigue properties make the ring mats good for areas where you stand for long periods of time, especially if water is present.

Our standard 1500 x 1000 x 22mm ring mats are extremely versatile –  from entrance mats to remove dirt and debris to cow shed pit matting – the possibilities are endless.

Tapered Ring Mat

1500 x 900 x 14mm this black ring mat has an anti stumble bevelled edge.

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Herringbone Pit Mats – The ring mat is ideal for use in the Pit and the anti fatigue properties help with sore legs and back pain.  These mats have been endorsed by ACC for this purpose.  The mats are laid tight and can be cut to size so there is no movement in the matting.  The holes allow you to wash down without removing the matting.

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