Nuway Plainguard Entrance Mat


Plainguard mats are rugged, exterior mats. Designed to pre-clean debris from shoes before people move to an internal mat, like Tuftiguard Absolute or Combi Slimline. Anti-slip and suitable for light wheeled traffic – a safe surface for all users.

Ideal for:

  • High traffic entrances
  • Ski lodges, hotels, supermarkets & marinas, retail outlets and offices


  • Your Plainguard mat is completely reversible extending its life and good looks
  • Dust, mud and grit fall through the mat, making it easy to vacuum clean.
  • Designed to be used outdoors in New Zealand’s harsh climate.
  • Plainguard mats lift out for easy cleaning.

Fitting Information

We make our mats to fit nearly any space, but we recommend your mat is wider across than it is deep. Just let us know what size mat you need, the direction of travel and the location of the doors. We’ll give you a cost-effective solution that’ll work for your space.

You have 3 surface options:

  • Closed – No gaps in finished surface
  • Semi open – 5mm gap in the rubber strip allowing small stones and water to drop through the matting
  • Open – 10mm gap in the rubber strip which allows small stones and water to drop through the matting


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