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Anti Fatigue Mats

The anti fatigue range of matting is ideally suited for areas where long periods are spent standing on concrete or hard flooring which can stress your leg muscles. Burgess anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide maximum relief and reduce problems associated with sore legs and feet.

The Burgess anti fatigue mats stand up to hard conditions – Even in the Dairy shed where water, caustic, chemicals and cow muck are present!

We have supplied these anti fatigue mats to ACC clients to solve chronic muscle stress problems.

Available Matting:

Fibrebond Rubber Matting

Custom made fibrebond mats are made to your requirements normally 15mm thick. Bevelled edges make trip hazards less likely and the mats are 100% recycled rubber making this an environmentally friendly product.

Ring Mats

1500 x 1000 x 22mm – Black straight edge
1500 x 900 x 14mm – Black with tapered edge
The surface is covered by round holds to let water drain efficiently.

See also Ring Mats

Machine Mats

Fibrebond matting placed underneath machinery reduces noise and vibration.  We have the standard 1800 x 730mm machine mat.  Other specially made shapes and sizes are our specialty.

All of our anti fatigue mats are non slip, easy clean, highly durable, won’t rust or rot, impact absorbent, reduce noise and vibration and are warm and comfortable.

The mats can be loose lay or pemanently fixed.

Suggested Areas of Use for Anti Fatigue Matting 

  • Bank teller pads
  • Workstations
  • Dairy sheds
  • Kitchens, Restaurants, Bars
  • Hospitals, Laboratories
  • Butchers & Bakeries
  • Service Stations
  • Food Processing & Packaging Plants / Sheds