Anti Fatigue Bubble Mat

$138.00 inc GST



The Bubble mat anti fatigue mat features a unique raised-rubber dome design that makes it not only more attractive than traditional anti-fatigue mats, but also more comfortable and durable. The bubble design allows the mat to give a cushioning effect as you step which promotes better blood circulation resulting in greater worker comfort and less fatigue.

It has ramped edges on all sides for safety with a closed anti slip surface which makes it easy to clean using a mild detergent and water. The raised bubble design allows fluid and debris to settle which makes it ideal for wet or dry areas and perfect for any area where great looking and practical anti fatigue matting is required.

Use in packing and processing plants, at work stations, in restaurants and bars these mats are perfect for behind the counter and in commercial kitchen preparation areas.

The bubble mat anti fatigue mat is moulded using natural rubber and is available in black.

Size is 1500mm x 900mm x 16mm.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 1500 × 900 × 16 mm

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