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Burgess Matting and Surfacing Ltd

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Rotary Shed Bale Mats

The main benefits of the rotary bale mats are the non slip surface, anti fatigue properties and the acoustic absorption.  Installed over the metal tread plate, the mats produce grip even in the wet. Cows stand quietly due to the anti fatigue nature and soft feel of the mats.

The bale mat reduces the noise in the shed dramatically. One farmer was surprised to find he had a bearing gone in the milking plant – he couldn’t hear it before the mats were installed. Cows that do kick, don’t disturb the cows in the next bale because the noise levels are reduced.

Hammerblow Matting

Hammerblow matting has an impervious surface and won’t rust or rot. This highly durable matting is impact absorbent and easy to clean. The 16mm matting comes in 2000mm wide rolls and is sold by the lineal metre.

Anchors fix the matting to the platform.

This matting is also good for horses as it has a touch surface and good slip resistance.

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Herringbond Shed Runners are also available in Hammerblow


Factory manufactured mats and modules. This matting is porous and is ideal for pulling moisture away from the surface with good draining and drying abilities. Matting is custom made to suit your requirements and is normally 15mm thick.