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Playground Impact Pads

Our Rebond Playground impact safety pads are specifically designed to provide a permanent, safe and maintenance free fall zone in high scuff-out prone areas of the playground.

Standard sizes

1000 x 1000 x 25mm

1500 x 1000 x 25mm

2000 x 1000 x 25mm

Special sizes are made to order.

The playground impact safety pads are ideally suited for self installation in scuff zones under swings and slides or entry and exit points for playground equipment. They can also be used over concrete to soften landings.  If you are going to lay the pads on top of the ground we can bevel the edges at no extra cost to ensure a trip hazard is avoided.  For pads being laid into the ground square edges are OK.


  • Durable, non slip and long life expectancy.
  • Reduces playground maintenance – easy clean.
  • The porous matting is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Impact abosorbent and reduces noise and vibration.
  • 100% recycled rubber – Environmentally friendly.
  • Provides uniform safety all year round.
  • Pads can be loose laid or permanetly fixed.
  • Provides a cost effective alternative to full playground matting.
  • Polymerically bonded to provide a hardwearing all weather surface.
  • Offers a large reduction in time and maintenance costs associated with bark filled playgrounds.
  • Total matting option can still be utilised in conjunction with the impact pads at a later date.

Supplied with a 5 year guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship