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Burgess Matting and Surfacing Ltd

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Horse Stable Boxes & Wash Down Areas

Burgess Stable Box matting gives you a surface that breaths, channels urine away quickly, reduces noise and helps calm highly strung animals.

The matting can be used to line walls as kick pads and for wash down areas.

Choice of systems

  • Tiles 1000 x 1000 x 15mm approx 15kg m²
  • Agribond Pads – Modules 2300 x 1500 x 22mm approx 65kg per module
  • Durabond – This rubber has a high impact resistant coating for improved life expectancy and ease of cleaning
  • Wetpour – Poured in-situ

Also see Hammerblow Matting and Honeycomb

Suggested Areas of Use:

Horse Floats & Horse Truck decks, Stable Box Floors,  Wash Down Areas, Parading Areas, Wall Mounted Kick Pads and Horse Walkers.