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Combi Slimline Rubber Scrape Entrance Matting

Combi Slimline Rubber Scrape entrance matting is ideal for both inside and outside entrance areas.  This tough practical rubber and aluminium matting is available in a range of infill colours that will compliment the most discerning design.

The rubber scrape bars wipe the bottom of shoes as they move across the matting, loosening dirt and debris before it can be walked inside. Combi Slimline is rollable which makes cleaning underneath a simple and easy process.  The underside has a rubber base to prevent noise and movement when the mat is in use.

Suitable for high traffic areas when protection of expensive interior floor coverings is important. This hard working, high quality matting is suitable for retail, commercial and sporting facilities and will easily handle these areas while maintaining its great look.

The matting is 15mm thick and weighs 15kgs per square metre.

6 Colour Options – Black, Grey, Brown, Blue, Red and Green

Colours can be combined and the rubber strip can be alternated with nylon bristle or carpet strip if desired.

Any reasonable size can be made to order – Larger areas are made in modules.

Designed for surface mounting where no well has been provided, also designed for heavy foot traffic and can be installed flat or on a slope ramp.

Supplied with aluminium L angle recess or surface mounted ramp frames.

Replacement inserts can be economically factory fitted to continue the life and appearance of the matting.

For best protection and efficiency a minimum 1500mm front to back dimension is recommended.

Download Combi Slimline Rubber Scrape Spec Sheet